Who Is 5 Star Energy?

Since 1986, 5 Star Energy Water & Air owner Craig “Bubba” Istas has been pleased to provide local homeowners with products and services that make everyday living safer, more enjoyable, and more affordable.

craig-istas5 Star Energy is a family owned and operated business. Our commitment and dedication is to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. And, we strive to do that one customer at a time.

As Bubba says, “Our company is not looking for short-term profits, but long-term relationships.”

And in business, like in life, those kind of relationships can only be built on a foundation of honesty and trust.

5 Star Energy Water & Air offers unique products to help the homeowner reduce their energy usage and consumption, plus ultimately make life safer and more comfortable. Our friendly staff and associates are here to provide you the highest quality service and products.


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